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Hello, I’m Radoslav (Rado)

I am a design lead focused on empowering teams to create beautiful solutions to human-centered problems.
I have 16 years of design experience, for the past 11 years I have worked in the UK near London.


Donation platform

The mission to organise and motivate a team of volunteers,
with the idea to create 0% fee, open-source, easy to use

British Telecom (BT)

Indirect Partner Portal:
How to turn a failed project into a successful MVP,
Launch and Growth

Senior Yoga

The power of micro targeting the right people with the right
type of promotion

WhatsApp Business Concept

Research into the world of modern communication for a
specific target audience.

About me


  • My journey into UX
  • My approach
  • Area of expertise
  • Certificates
  • Me as a person
Radoslav was an excellent member of
our team who contributed positively
in major projects. He is highly literate
in IT and picked up different
programmes very quickly. His creative
ideas were very good and moved the
projects. Very easy going, helpful and
positive person to be around.

Trupti Patel
Director – Itis3D

Radoslav has been a great addition
to the it luggage team. He has a
positive attitude to all he does.
Radoslav is unafraid of a new
challenge and is able drive his work
to meet an ever-changing, demanding
market, all with a smile.
Radoslav demonstrates solid work
ethic and can always be counted on
and is such a pleasure to work with.

Dahlia Mukherji
HR Manager – It luggage

Radoslav work title was an Artist and
Designer in BNT, his combination of
creative thinking, personable nature,
and diligence made him an asset to
our team. Always willing to learn and
adapt to challenges, I have no
hesitation in recommending him.

Chudomir Kotzev
Senior Manager – Bulgarian
National Television (BNT)

Let’s work together


Feel free to reach out for more information,
collaboration opportunities or just a friendly hello