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Senior Yoga

The power of micro targeting

Client: Racquets Fitness Club
Agency: Momentum Business Development, London
Date: June-July 2017
My Role: UX design, End-to-End marketing funnel implementation, Test and optimisation
Team: This was a new target audience. I worked closely with the Managing Director on this campaign.
Deliverables: User fows, User prole, Wireframes, Landing page, Marketing funnel, Google and Facebook
ads, Tracking codes, Email marketing, Testing and optimisation

  • To develop a promotional page
  • Boost ROI
  • Build a trust in the club to a new audience


  • Engaged with a new audience
  • Developed new income stream
  • Pay-as-you-go type Classes
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Measurable results
  • Sustainable campaign


These are the main steps taken in the project. Some steps were repeated in an iterative manner.


  • Local Marketing
  • Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Unique Selling Points


  • Facebook/ Adwrods
  • Data Capture Form
  • Lo-Fi Prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • Tests

  • Target users excluded
    from the competitors
  • Persona prole


  • Hi-Fi Prototypes
  • Tests all systems
  • Iterations
  • Launch
  • Monitor
  • Improve and Optimise
Initial Set up

  • User Flows
  • Facebook and Adwords
  • Advertisement
  • Email Marketing
  • Tier 1 open
  • Tier 2 open + clicked
  • Tier 3 does not open
  • Remarketing Adverts
This was a new client and located in new area for us, we wanted to create a real splash. We decided to work the specific little niche market, not the usual fitness

We concentrated on creating sustainable End-to-End campaign, for small new audience to the club. We used tracking and remarketing codes to optimise the cost and
boost revenue.


  • Design а minimalist landing page with easy
  • Remove everything which is not essential so the
    message get across easily
  • Create strong Call To Action with measurable
    marketing funnel channels
  • On this page you can see our plan for complete user
    life-cycle and how we will bring user back to
    campaign and optimise the costs.
  • Remarketing ads and emails helped to hesitating user
    to commit to the offer.


  • New income stream from the new audience
  • Sustainable evergreen promotion page


Selection of the correct audience was very important. If the audience was too broad the campaign will be too costly. If it
was too narrow and specific we risked being too small and ineffective. I struck a balance with about 9 000 potential
Facebook viewers, interested in Yoga.


  • Kept us on track– who is the main person targeting?
  • Used as a building block for Facebook and Google AdWords audience creation


Design system




H1: 95pt, Semibold

H2: 64pt, Semibold

H3: 34pt, Semibold


Paragraph 25



Racquets colours


Dusk Silver     Gold     Bronze


Om Green    Warm White

Optimisation in the campaign:
We edited the hero image multiple times:
1. Single senior yoga practitioner
2. Added a group of senior yoga practitioners – sign of a group/friends with similar views
3. I increased the size and contrast which played well in the duration of the campaign

1. Results were measured by A/B tests campaign for a 24h in our Facebook audience
2. After my edits we saw an increase of number of subscriptions.
3. This type of campaign made me aware that very niche market segments can play huge role in expansion of the
business user scope

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