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WhatsApp Business Concept

Research into the world of modern-day communication

Client: Self-initiated, Problem-Solution Case Study
Date: Sept-Nov 2020
My Role: UX design
Deliverables: Concept, User interviews, Persona pro le, Customer Journey Map, S.C.R.A.M.P.E.R,
Wireframes, Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi prototypes, User testing
Background: This project was initiated by research into the world of modern communication
for a specific target audience. In the user interviews I identify that WhatsApp is the most used
platform and focused on a new update.
Challenges: Can I Deliver high quality update to a world leader communication app?
Results: Practice User Interviews and testing, Prototyping, Customer Journey Maps. Understanding and interpreting testing results Identified user problems and their potential solutions. If I were to continue with the project I would test the new update to a selected group of users – measure level of interaction, test with a quick feedback form and conduct interviews.

Requirements and Plan


The project started with research into the ways mums
communicate. I identified the most loved apps and what
problems the users encounter and what is feasible for
me to work on. I was surprised to find out that busy
mums are extremely well-organised and how they use
communication for business purposes
I followed the classic 5-stageDesign
Thinking framework inspired by IxDF(Interaction Design
Foundation) and The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design
at Stanford. The stages shown do not necessary ow
from left to right, some stages are repeated in an
iterative method.
I decided to make a new update concept of WhatsApp
with elements that scored highest in my research. I
worked on optimising:
1 Separating business and personal accounts
2 Disruption
3 Search and edit

User interviews

Topic (Smartphone written communication) I interviewed mothers with young kids. I’ve made video interviews so I can easily come back to the interview and find more information.
Key Findings:

  • WhatsApp scored the most points as a favourite app due to clarity, number of les you can send at once.
  • Messenger came 2nd but very close to WhatsApp
  • Gmail 3rd used by all.
  • All participants agreed that the written communication takes quote a lot of your time
  • Disruption notifications аrе annoying.
  • Apps used in the free time scores better than professional used apps
  • Functionality appears to be important factor in choosing the best app
  • Search in messages, sending many photos, editing, and deleting messages
  • Security does not score high in the priorities as expected

Understanding the User

Persona Profile
I started building an understanding of the customer by creating a proto Persona, which was then updated to Persona
after the user interviews.
I interviewed 3 busy mothers. I expected some of the answers but some surprised me. Interviews helped me to build a
better more realistic persona prole.

Customer Journey Map
I focused on 1 participant. I dug deep to analyse all micro emotion trends as well as potential Pains and Gains. It is interesting to see that result of an activity can plunges emotions from positive to negative – for example if the user is taking a photo – if the photo is good = happy customer, if the photo is blurry = frustrated one.


  • Confirmed that the user emotional map is a great way to understand the user
  • Understanding the emotional response to a product is related to a micro mapping of all emotions through the

Prototyping and Tests


The initial tests did not go as I anticipated. The first participant found some features confusing, because I didn’t explain enough, or it was confusing. Since this is an iterative process, I modified the features and clarified my explanations, and on subsequent tests the participants had better understanding of the features.
I realised the importance of striking a balance and explaining very little so that users know what you have been building, while not giving too much away because
that would defeat the object of user tests. I adjusted or removed the features which users found confusing.
Overall the tests went well, and the result indicated that developing business features would be a good idea.

I have developed:
• 2 pairs of paper prototypes
• Hi-Fi prototypes
• 14 screens showing: business prole, to do, search, do
not disturb, status screens, etc.
• Video walkthrough
• Animated in welcome (day and night) screen


  • Try and test everything I have learned
  • User tests surprised me, so much so that my assumptions that mums love chatting and that they would love to spend more time with their families were smashed to pieces!
  • The point above helped me to remove bias as far as possible from decision making
  • Not all problems can be resolved, so defining problems is very important
  • At the end of my course, I earned the Course Certificate below and also gained the “Top 10% in class” distinction!

Redefining the style

Modern, minimal and practical

Colour palette  

Off white
Fresh Green
Base Green
Calming Gradient
Gray Support
Darker Umbrella

Icon system

Minimalist 24 x 24px outline style

Updated Search Function
To do list
Time off
Home screen
Updated Status
Edit your messages
Company profile

Donation platform –

On the mission to organise and motivate a team of
volunteers, with the idea to create 0% fee, open-source,
easy to use

Senior Yoga

The power of micro targeting the right people with the
right type of promotion